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Youth Violence Project: School Violence Myths
MSNBC's "10 Myths About School Shootings"'s "5 Facts About Guns, Schools, And Violence "'s "Are Mass Shootings Becoming More Common in the United States?"
"" re: Gun Control
"Violence Is Not a Product of Mental Illness. Violence Is a Product of Anger."
Cornered Cat | Rescue Essentials
A Girl and Her Gun, Open Letter - 1/9/12
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100 Sites You Should Know and Use, from TED blog
Booth Babes of CES and What They Think of Attendees
Booth Babes Don't Work: They don't generate qualified sales leads
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The 6 weirdest things we've learned since 9/11
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11 Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Time in the Now
Forget Self-Esteem: You Need Self-Compassion to Succeed
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Events at Slooh | Roth IRA or Traditional IRA?
Solar Eclipse on - 5/20/2012
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50 Ways You Can Create a Better Day
Conflict Resolution Mistakes To Avoid
'T'was the Night Before Crisis, from 1985
DVDs I own | DVDs I'd *like* to own
The Pogues' "Waltzing Matilda"
The 5 Most Popular Safety Laws That Don't Work
"Am I required by law to answer the question?" - Steve Bierfeldt's detention by TSA on 3/29/09 in STL
11/10/09 - TSA Fixes Search Policy After ACLU Sues | GetHuman database
Blocking Unwanted Parasites with a Hosts file
Fantastic Fiction reference
Disk-to-disk cloning with Clonezilla by MakeTechEasier
RegExPal - Regular Expression Tool
Ultimate Boot CD for Windows - UBCD4Win
Gentoo Install CD | 29 Surreal Places In America

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